Sunday, December 19, 2010


Well we've got the draft fast approaching and what does that mean? A new round of fresh meat for our owners. Some have already spent a lot of money on IFA's while others have patiently waited. Others chose to take the approach of letting others develop their talent from them. The question is what did you choose?

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to young talent is when will they make a splash in the big leagues? What will the size of the splash be, and how long will it last? Could they make an immediate splash, but the splash only last this season. Or could they make a splash two seasons from now and last 14 seasons?
Most owners will want the longest splash, but also the best results. Remember prospects generally have two values: Trade bait to bring in a major league talent, or future major league talent.
Whatever your stance on this controversial topic is, remember what you do in the draft greatly influences your future; whether you get enough talent to stay competitive, or you get no talent with the sacrifice of winning now. Whatever it is be aware and prepare for the consequences.